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Weekly Email 5/19: Monthly Meeting / Special Guest County Supervisor Don Wagner / Virtual CCW Seminar / Activist Update

May 2020 Monthly Meeting
As the Wuhan Virus lock down continues and we continue to observe social distancing our May monthly meeting will be carried on Facebook Live. Our special l guest will be
Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner
! Join us Thursday May 21st at 7:00 pm.
All you have to do to participate, is go to the OCGO Facebook page here:
OCGO Virtual CCW Seminar!
Come join us for a virtual CCW seminar on Zoom / Facebook Live!
Learn about the CCW application process, how to write your good cause statement, and more!
to join
Activist Update Video!
What’s new for the month of May? Check out our video for your Activist Update.
to see the video
Private Invite Only Zoom Meeting With Senator Brian Jones For 10 Ring Members
Membership has it’s privilege. For those 10 Ring Members (invest $100 per month / $1000 per year) an invitation will be sent out to attend a Zoom on line meeting with
California Senator Brian Jones
. Do you want to be included? You can become a 10 Ring Member by clicking the link below.
to become a member
Protesting and Strapped… Good Idea or Bad?
As part of the continuing 
“COVID-19 Crisis Theatre”
 being performed around the country, the expected, but late in coming, protests are finally beginning. In Michigan one protest featured 
openly armed protesters
. This begs the obvious questions; are visibly armed protesters a good idea? And is this a productive approach?
HERE to read the story…
Mather and Hobbs
Facebook live
If you missed the latest Facebook live video featuring
Lucas Mather
Tobin Hobbs
from Orange County Gun Owners discussing Firearm Trivia and Personal Involvement in Government you can see the replay by clicking below
Video Part 1 Click
Video Part 2 Click
Will Smith Knows Safe Gun Handling…
We’ve all watched movies or TV and laughed at the use of firearms by actors. The lack of gun safety or handling is overwhelmingly prevalent in Hollywood. One actor who knows his stuff is Will Smith. Check him out in this video.
What’s Going On With CCWs?
From Orange County Sheriff Barnes:
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has compelled the CCW unit to temporarily change how we conduct business.
Our mission is to provide high-quality service while taking proactive measures to maintain the mutual safety of our CCW staff and CCW applicants.  In compliance with Local, State, and Federal Guidelines, we have suspended in-person transactions and public access to the Brad Gates Building (320 N. Flower, Santa Ana).
Current CCW license holders can renew their CCW license through the website. Upon administrative approval, and after payment is received, the CCW license will be mailed to the licensee via US Postal Service.
We will continue to accept and process new applications for CCW licenses submitted online. However, new license issuance will be on hold until our CCW office reopens for public access as first-time license issuance requires in-person transactions.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you should have questions or concerns, please email us at
OCGO YouTube Channel!
Firearms instructor Rob Pincus and former Brady Org President Dan Gross teaming up???
Listen to their interviews below and hear for yourself what that means.
Click on the video to listen and let us know what you think?
Got 5 Minutes To Waste?
Working from home with the Wuhan Virus lock down? Take a 5 minutes and watch this guy. No idea what he was trying to accomplish but it is an escape from the grind for a few moments. Click below and enjoy!
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