For Immediate Release, July 15, 2021

Contact: Wendy Hauffen (714) 519-8888

Dozens of women gun owners join in solidarity Thursday, July 15th for the launch of #NotMeOC.

NotMeOC was created by Orange County Gun Owners (OCGO), a political action committee promoting Second Amendment rights, as an initiative to empower women with knowledge and choice. The group believes one way to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault to help women get access to the most effective self-defense tool available: a firearm.

“This is our way of utilizing our expertise as female gun owners to fight back against the epidemic of violence against women. We will stand beside you, we will help you, and if you want to own a gun, need training to use a gun, and want to carry a gun with you for self-defense when you are outside of your home, the women of OCGO’s #NotMeOC will help you every step of the way,” said Wendy Chou Hauffen, Program Director and developer of the #NotMe programs.

NotMeOC has a three-step approach for women who are interested in firearms:

  • Get free advice about purchasing and selecting firearms from experienced female gun owners.
  • Get referrals to gun shops for discounts and receive help filling out paperwork.
  • Receive help applying for a concealed carry weapon permit.

“Applicants to the program will be assigned a mentor who will provide them with one-on-one guidance to navigate the often confusing and overwhelming world of guns. Owning a gun and carrying it for self-defense is a woman’s choice and we are here to support women every step of the way in whatever way we can,” said Wendy Chou Hauffen.

“Participation in the program is free. If any part of the program – buying a gun, taking training, or getting a CCW – is financially prohibitive, we will help with discounts and grants. A woman’s life is too important to be compromised due to financial pressures.”

NotMeOC follows in the footsteps of NotMeSD, created by Hauffen in 2019, which has helped nearly 450 women through the process of obtaining a firearm, training, and a concealed carry weapon permit.

For more information about the program, please visit or contact