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Weekly Email 01/10/20: We have gotten a lot of questions about this…

January’s Monthly Meeting at
JT Schmidt (Anaheim)
Includes is Also a “
How to be a Second Amendment Activist
” Seminar.
Answers to some FAQs:
  • Free for all to attend
  • Members and non-members are welcome
  • Appetizers will be served (full dinners are available for purchase)
  • There will be some general information given at the beginning and then we will start the first part of a 4 part seminar
  • The seminar, How To Be A Second Amendment Activist, will teach you how to be an effective activist to help change public policy. If you are tired of feeling helpless while laws get changed around you…if you are tired of being told to send more emails and call your legislators…then this is the seminar for you.
  • The seminar series will cover real world examples of things you can do to be effective in the world of politics and specifically Second Amendment issues. Examples, step-by-step instructions, statistics, strategies, and suggestions will all be given. This will be low on theory and high on action-items.
  • The seminar is 4 parts and will run at our January, February, March, and April monthly meetings. They are all stand-alone seminars and if you attend all 4, you will get a certificate of recognition!
  • Our monthly meeting typically falls on the third Thursday of the month and we will do all we can to keep that consistent throughout 2020. This month it is the 4th Thursday.
Activism isn’t a spectator sport. We will teach you what to do and why. Additional questions? Email us at
OCGO’s Second Amendment Celebration Dinner!
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Date: March 28th, 5:30pm
Location: Orange Hill Restaurant
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Texas Church Shooting, Legally Armed Citizens, and Media Bias
Last week we saw another church shooting, this one at the West Freeway Church of Christ in the city of White Settlement, Texas. This incident was ended just six seconds after it began by an armed citizen volunteer of the church security team. Media coverage was…[.]
Orange County Gun Show! January 18th and 19th!
The gun show is back and on the 18th and 19th (Saturday and Sunday).
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