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Virtual CCW Seminar on Facebook Live! and Zoom
Wednesday July 29, 7 – 8 pm
Come join us for a virtual CCW seminar on Zoom / Facebook Live!
Learn about the CCW application process, how to write your good cause statement, and more!
HERE for more info
July Monthly Meeting
Facebook Live! and ZOOM
Watch the Replay Here!
Due to the continuing shut down from the Wuhan Flu our July monthly meeting was held on Facebook Live! and ZOOM. If you missed it you can catch the replay.
HERE to watch the replay
Replay of our 2A Discussion
on Facebook Live and Zoom
We had a great night discussing the Second Amendment. Did you miss it? No worries you can watch it on Facebook.
HERE to watch the video
The latest Gun news from the
Orange County Gun Owners Blog
Orange County Gun Owners
City Council Member Ratings Page
Take a look at the Orange County City Council Members that have been vetted and rated by OCGO. Find out where they stand on the Second Amendment.
HERE to see the ratings
Why Americans Continue To Arm Up
Americans watching the behavior of their fellow citizens began to think that gun ownership might not be a bad idea. Hence the beginning of the buying frenzy. We are now in mid-July and the buying continues. Why?
HERE to read the blog post
Gun Owners Radio
Wayne Kotow,
Vote NO on AB3030
Antonia Okafor of Gun Owners of America,
Why Revolvers are more accurate than pistols.
HERE to listen
OCGO Shooting Socials Will Return Very Soon!
As businesses start to open up and social distancing from the Wuhan virus becomes less the norm OCGO will be able to resume conducting our very popular Shooting Socials. Click on this video to hear Michael Schwartz interview Brett Roberts on Gun Sports Radio AM 1170.
Calling All Firearms Trainers!
Do You Offer First Time Gun Owners Training?
Help us help you!
The number of new gun owners continues to rise amidst current events. These new gun owners are in dire need of training. We are putting together a Training Directory for first time gun owners on our website. If you offer this training and would like to be listed please email us the following info:
  1. Shop Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone
  4. Website
  5. Beginner’s Class Name
  6. Class Description
  7. Price
  8. Instructor Name
HERE to email info
What’s Going On With CCWs?
From Orange County Sheriff Barnes:
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has compelled the CCW unit to temporarily change how we conduct business.
Our mission is to provide high-quality service while taking proactive measures to maintain the mutual safety of our CCW staff and CCW applicants.  In compliance with Local, State, and Federal Guidelines, we have suspended in-person transactions and public access to the Brad Gates Building (320 N. Flower, Santa Ana).
Current CCW license holders can renew their CCW license through the website. Upon administrative approval, and after payment is received, the CCW license will be mailed to the licensee via US Postal Service.
We will continue to accept and process new applications for CCW licenses submitted online. However, new license issuance will be on hold until our CCW office reopens for public access as first-time license issuance requires in-person transactions.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you should have questions or concerns, please email us at
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