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OCGO Monthly Meeting Facebook Live!
Which Orange County Candidates Will Get The Endorsement???
Join us for our monthly meeting using Facebook Live! and zoom. We want to get back to in-person meetings, but until then…Zoom with us and see our voter guide for the November 2020 election!
Which candidates need and deserve YOUR help???
Thursday September 17, 7 pm.
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Got Your California CCA Yet???
Come join us for a free, online CCW seminar on Zoom / Facebook Live!
Learn about the CCW application process, how to write your good cause statement, and more!
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Have you checked out OCGO YouTube Channel?
Gun Owners Radio – Gun control is killing our kids
This is an interview with high school senior Kaylee who lived through an attack on her school last year. It changed a lot of what she used to think. Give it a listen.
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The latest Gun news from the
Orange County Gun Owners Blog
When Does A Citizen Have A Duty To Act?
Many of you are probably familiar with the shooting incident in Kenosha, Wisconsin involving seventeen year old Kyle Rittenhouse. We won’t address those subjects here but instead will examine the two broader questions of why it was necessary for citizens to be in that situation and at what point, if any, do citizens have a responsibility to help their neighbors.
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The Analogy with Voting Reveals a Concern
By Lucas J. Mather, Ph.D.
I’ve written here before cautioning our use of words in Second Amendment activism…
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Orange County Gun Owners
City Council Member Ratings Page
Take a look at the Orange County City Council Members that have been vetted and rated by OCGO. Find out where they stand on the Second Amendment.
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California Duncan V. Becerra Update Mag Ban
Our friend at The Daily Shooter
does a great job explaining what happened today with the magazine ban.
In summary, it appears that you can still own and use mags. You cannot buy, sell, import, or take possession of mags. Nothing has changed as a result of this request for an en banc and it will take months (maybe years) to get another ruling.
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Is Your Voter Information Correct?
Have you checked to see if your registration is correct? If it is not, you may not be able to vote.
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Gun Owners Radio
Did you know we have our own radio show?
If you missed the latest show you can listen to it
on our website.
John Correia from Active Self Protection on the Kenosha Kid and more…
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Calling All Firearms Trainers!
Do You Offer First Time Gun Owners Training?
Help us help you!
The number of new gun owners continues to rise amidst current events. These new gun owners are in dire need of training. We are putting together a Training Directory for first time gun owners on our website. If you offer this training and would like to be listed please email us the following info:
  1. Shop Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone
  4. Website
  5. Beginner’s Class Name
  6. Class Description
  7. Price
  8. Instructor Name
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